Last adventures in Dominica

First I had planned to do a tour to Boiling Lake. It takes probably six hours and crosses hills and valleys. But after my guide canceled because the day care center was closed and he had to look after his son [...]

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Dominica - Destroyed by the hurricane

I've been in Dominica for a few days now. I feel very comfortable here and the people welcomed me with open arms. The island has a very heavy fate to bear and was mowed down by Hurricane Maria. 90% of all buildings were damaged, a lot of people became homeless and many [...]

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Exploring the south of Dominica

On my third day on the island I actually wanted to do a hiking tour to the so called Boiling Lake, but the tour guide was not available, so I started alone, to the Trafalgar Falls, a double waterfall not far from Roseau. So I went to the bus stop and on the bus I found[...]

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