In principle, it all started last year in June. After a very stressful time on the job, I travelled to Tanzania to spend three weeks at the Faraja Center, where I worked during my break in 2014. There I sat in my mini house with a corrugated iron roof and was the happiest person ever. At that moment I realized that it "pulls me out" again. I wanted to go out again and get to know new countries and cultures. The decision to really make it took some time longer. But what lasts a long time... 😉

My next consideration was where my journey would take me. It was important to me to get to know new countries and that I could talk to the local people in the local language. And since I hadn't been travelling in Spanish-speaking countries for a long time and I didn't even know Central America yet, the decision was made: Main destination Central America. I also promised a friend in California, USA, to visit her in 2018, so this had to be planned. And since I have never been to the Caribbean before, I wanted to include this in my planning.

For the journey I take 9 months from the end of March to the middle of December. So that I can be back with my family in time for Christmas 🙂

First I wanted to work my way down from the USA via Mexico and then over the Caribbean back northwards. However, I would have been in the top hurricane areas during the hurricane peak. That wasn't so clever, so I just turned the route around. The start in the USA is still there, only to continue via the Caribbean to Ecuador and Colombia before finally travelling through Central America.